How do your shirts fit?

Our Men’s Snap Polos run true to size as well as our Ladies’ Button Polos. Our Ladies’ Snap Polo is on the small side, and the Ladies Training T-Shirts run large as do the Men’s Button Polos and Men’s Training T-Shirts. Both the Men’s and Ladies’ 1/4 Zip Pullovers run large.

Will the shop items change?

We’ll keep it fresh!! But we’d love to get ideas from you!  We can add
as many items to your shop as you like!

I have an item in mind but I don’t see it on the Merch Shop

No need to go searching, we will do it for you!
Please contact us and we will source options for you to choose from.
Once you have approved the item we will order and deliver it! 

I have several sizes and colors for shirts in my order, how do I place that order?

STEP 1 – Select Size. Select the first size you are ordering.
STEP 2 – Choose a Color. Select the first color in your order.
STEP 3 – Set the Quantity.  Type in or use the arrow to get the correct quantity for that style and add it to the cart.
Repeat steps 1-3 for each Style, Size, and Color.

When purchasing shirts of multiple sizes, can we mix sizes to meet the 25 shirt minimum, or is the 25 minimum per size?

On apparel items you can mix sizes, colors and mens and womens styles as well as long as they have the same embroidery/decoration for that ERG. That’s pretty cool!

Do you accept our PepsiCo AmEx cards for payment?

We accept all major credit cards.

I’d like to create kits to ship to individual members on my ERG team.  How do I use the WTBI Merch Shop to do kits?

Yes!  We can prepare individual kits for your team.  They look so great!  Simply add the items you’d like to put in your kits into your shopping cart, check the corresponding kit size (small, medium, or large) and add the number of kits you’d like to your shopping cart. We will contact you directly to coordinate the shipping addresses.  If you have overages, we will contact you about where to send your extra items.

I’d like to order some items now for an event in the future or give out as gifts overtime, but have no place to store them, can you hold on to my inventory?

If you would like WTBI Merch Shop to inventory items until you are ready to ship them, please make a note of this on the View Cart page,
and we will contact you to discuss how long you would like us to inventory the items and the inventory fee. 

The inventory fee will vary based on how long we keep the items and the order size.